My name is Dreama Somone and I am the CEO of Beam Organix. I created Beam as an outlet to please my inner child and fulfill what I know is my life's purpose in creating a unique holistic healing marketplace. I have always been very creative ever since I was a child and I use Beam Organix as a place to share that creativity and my ability to create amazing products with the world.

I developed Beam Organix in the summer of 2020. Like many others during that time I was going through a major spiritual awakening and discovered the power of healing frequencies and their benefits to the body. I decided that making my own skin care and wellness products in this way would be how I integrated this knowledge into my business. Around that same time, I created our first and best selling product Beam Cream. I created it by trying all kinds of formulas to improve my extremely dry skin. I realized that everything I needed to improve my well being was within me. That inspired me to combine my healing practices with making products in a way never before seen by the beauty industry.

I have total faith that Beam will expand to become a staple holistic marketplace for those looking for products centered around healing their Mind, Body, and Spirit. The consistent support and messages I receive from people expressing how my products have helped them implement self-love based daily rituals, is more than enough evidence for me. I spread intentional messages with each product to help others, heal themselves. Through Beam Organix, I aim to remind the world that you have all the power within you to heal yourself and create the reality of your dreams!