The Tale of Beam

Growing up I was the only girl out of three boys. This can easily turn any girl into a tomboy. I was neglectful of my hair, skin, and nails. As a child growing up with anxiety I acquired different ticks such as pulling out my hair, biting my nails, and ignoring the necessary steps to moisturize my skin. Alligator skin and insecurities were the effects of my disorders. As I got older I began to acknowledge the issues I ignored as a child. It was a never-ending struggle to find the right moisturizer that was able to last through the night. Amusingly, I found the answer to my prayers 10 years later by pure accident. 

It was a hot summer day in 2020 and I had run out of my homemade body butter. I went to my local drug emporium and picked up a mix of heavily moisturizing oils and butters. Unbeknownst to me, I had just picked out the key ingredients in my signature product, Beam Creme. I started with a pot and a few jars but quickly ended up with a DIY skincare kit. I began to pour the ingredients in solely pulling from ancestral knowledge in hopes to find the right consistency. 

 I continued my usual skincare routine; moisturizing at night and in the morning. The following morning there was no ash or visible cracks on my skin. It had never looked this good! I was ecstatic to know I had found the key to long-lasting moisturized skin. I made it for my family and they raved about the smell, texture, and effectiveness. They practically begged me to sell it! My people believed in me so I felt I had no choice but to believe in myself. 

As I embarked on my journey into the skincare business I also faced newfound challenges of womanhood. I was blessed to have a mother with a very conscious way of being. She introduced me to a heavily cultured music palette as a child. The first healthy habit I formed on my journey was listening to frequencies before bed and as I slept. I then began to journal while listening to different healing hertz, in doing so, I noticed changes in my behavior. I experienced a pattern of positive thoughts and a constant yet effortless flow of good things coming into my life. I listened to the same frequencies while I was creating my products. The frequencies kept me clear-minded, focused on my work, and helped me generate the best possible version of my products.

The Kemetic people, Tibetan Monks, and Native Americans believe that our bodies contain energy frequencies and that sonic frequency can be used to re-attune these energies when needed. I knew I had to incorporate this newfound truth into my business so I created each product with the intentions of each hertz.

 I started to see the alignment in my business with my life journey. I realized my dry skin was a metaphor for my level of self-awareness. I went so long thinking my skin would be like that forever when all I had to do was give it more attention. Just like in my life, I moved through it assuming I could never change due to my experiences not understanding that all I needed to do was put more energy towards the positives in my life. I asked for the answers to my dry skin ailment but wasn’t ready to face the truth about why my skin was in the state it was. I learned that I received the answer to that dilemma when I started to unpack some things about myself. In doing so, I created a body cream that not only healed my skin but helped me begin to heal myself. I created Beam Organix to heal people’s skin and inspire others to look deeper within. I want to help others become open enough to receive their answers. 

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