Gratitude Prayer

       This is the gratitude prayer that I came up with and wrote multiple times in different ways leading up to my spiritual upgrades, my new home, and many blessings coming into my life. I suggest you personalize it for the things that you need to focus on giving more love to in your life.

         The magic behind this is,  intention and the feeling of gratitude. While you are writing these or when you finish and read them aloud it is imperative that you feel joy. The formula of ; intentions + emotions = powerful manifestations. Also, for those that don't necessarily believe in God I use God as the name of the Source in which we were all created. So you are just giving thanks to the energy that created you and your life as it were. To simplify, you are a spiritual being in a human vessel created from pure energy. Therefore you can manipulate the energy around you when you are tapped into the source of energy within you. Gratitude journaling actively alters your reality to the exact one in which you desire because you are aligning with the energy of abundance.

         The Universe only responds to the frequency of energy in which you already are vibrating on. So to be on one of abundance,  you must shift your mindset. Your mind as you may know is extremely powerful but so are the projection of your emotions. So be sure to try to keep an open mind and a clear heart space when you do this practice in your daily routines. Take deep breaths and let them flow in and out naturally for at least 1 minute before writing. Think about how you’ll feel when all of the things you desire have happened and you are looking back on the work you did for it to do so. How happy, comfortable, and secure you’ll feel. Embody that energy now and you’ll look up and be there! 

Dear God, 

Thank you for waking me up on this glorious day. 

Thank you for the blessings that are all around me. 

I am so grateful for your love and divine will in this world.

I am grateful for the magic and miracles in my life. 

I am grateful for ____ your name ____

I am grateful for eyes that see, a nose that smells, ears that hear, a mouth that speaks light and truth. I am grateful for a mind that is aligned with my highest self. I am grateful for a healthy and nourished vessel. I am grateful for a heart that beats strongly and limbs that operate smoothly. I am grateful for my breath.  I am grateful for my innate power.  I am grateful for my inner guidance and celestial body. I am grateful for my wonderful connection to God. I am grateful for the love and nurture of mother nature.  I am grateful for healthy eating habits. I am grateful for my productive time management skills. I am grateful for my spirit team’s love for me. I am grateful for my amazing mind and memory. I am grateful for a successful and purposeful career. I am grateful for the community of people that support me. I am grateful for a loving family.  I am grateful for financial freedom. I am grateful for my gifts and creativity. I am grateful for access to all of the resources I need. I am grateful for my overflow in blessings. I am grateful for the wisdom to handle them properly. I am grateful for divine timing. I am grateful for divine union. I am grateful for my soul tribe. I am grateful for the love that is always all around me. I am grateful for my lessons and experiences in this life. I am grateful for my home. I am grateful for the love I give myself. 

I love you. I honor you. I believe in you. I trust you. 


You can have anything you want in this life, it's just about the way you feel in the between time. It's about what you learn on the journey so that you can actually sustain the lifestyle you desire. Imagine if you were given a million dollars now and you still dwell in the mindset of lack so you hoard it all or spend it recklessly. Think about how bad you would feel and how long it would take you to  bounce back from that vs. learning to be smart with what you have now so that when you do receive it, you handle it properly. Sometimes things just take time, so never focus on that. Soak up all the lessons and flow through them! You’ll look back and be glad you did! 

Also remember, when you are actively making changes to improve your life,  things that are no longer aligned with you will be removed. Do not hold onto situations that no longer serve you, trust that they are being removed for your benefit. Surrender those feelings of fear and attachment, what is divinely yours will always be. 

Please feel free to message me or leave a comment on this blog about how adding this to your daily routine improved your life!

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  • risings.

    i recently read thru all of these to catch up on the posts and i have to say this may be my favorite one. everything from the prayer to how you explained showing God gratitude would be beneficial to our spiritual journey. sometimes we forget how much pain and confusion a prayer could ease. we forget that prayer is sometimes the only way we can be clear on who we are and what we want with God. we get to tell them directly where we are and what we feel, then relinquish all control. and it heals to let go. it heals to want better. it heals to BE better. so thank you for this because it moved me to just keep going. no matter what. put it all in God’s hands, move in Love, show gratitude and the rest is yours. Thank you thank you thank you. we are all so PROUD of you. you have an important mission on this planet and we’re going to be here to see it all unfold.


    louie algoud

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