From Spirit

A message from my spirit guides that they wanted me to share. 

I hope it resonates with you!

      It’s very imperative that you keep your spiritual hygiene up all the time. Not only when life is troublesome but when it is going well for you too. A lot of earthly obstacles are illusions and/or tests so that you can actively practice your faith. Hold tight and remain steadfast in the darkest of times and Spirit will always shine through. Everything will always work out for you and you will inevitably be okay. Trust and surrender fear to the divine. You will always receive confirmation of the love that is all around you when you truly let go of expectations. Expectations are a natural human habit but that is not all that you are. You are the walking embodiment of God’s consciousness. 

     Therefore, God is your supply and your cup shall always runneth over. 

      Remember who you are. God and your spirit team always have your best interest at heart. Be still, listen to your internal guidance, and open yourself up to the magic of the Universe. You are divinely protected, guided, and blessed. You never need anything external to validate your radiant inner and outer beauty! So much good is happening for you! All your desires are being fulfilled and your dream reality awaits! Your spirit team is so proud of how far you’ve come. Through it all, you still held on and you’re about to be immensely blessed for it. You are truly a blessing and a beacon of light. You must do whatever it takes to protect and nourish your light. Do not second guess or question your intuition. You are very aligned and on your divine path. Continue to do the work and share your light. There are people counting on you! 

We love you. We believe in you. We honor you. 


  • Thanks for sharing.

  • This made my day, thank you so much for channeling this message! I needed this support and divine feedback to be reaffirmed for me somehow. Love and light🌹✨ Your work is so beautiful and refreshing.


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