Something that has been a recurring theme and lesson for me lately has been to go where I am appreciated in all aspects and areas of life. I feel appreciated on my website so I want to start sharing on my blog again more.

   I remember I was in Atlanta with my mother, and we went on a quest, a side mission. We were on a family vacation, but I wanted to go to the float spa and try the sensory deprivation tanks. If you don't know what that is, look into it. It's what Michael Jackson had in his house to help him connect to higher realms and make otherworldly, great music. My mother received some resistance about coming with me, but I won't get so deep into that. I told her to just come anyway. I knew intuitively it was something we were supposed to do together. So I called the spa and she was able to get booked for her session at the same time I was. 

     The next day, we called an Uber, and magically, it was already a lady down there on the street, ready to go. It was a very divinely aligned, eventful day. Our driver was on the phone when we first arrived, but eventually, she got off. The float spa wasn't open yet when we arrived, so she took us to Sevenanda right above it, a beautiful black-owned grocery store in Little Five Points. I had never been, but I had heard a lot about it, and one of my friends living in Atlanta told me to try to get Beam Cream inside their store.

    Before we walked in, though, our Uber driver talked to us about releasing people who no longer serve our highest good. She said, " I have the gift of goodbyes. I can never hold on to people I know who mean no good for me." I just looked at my mama and smiled because we both needed to hear that. We both had been in situations long overdue for the gift of a goodbye. We went into the store, and so many people complimented us. The service was excellent, the products were amazing, they had all the herbs and salts you could think of in bulk and affordable too. It was a beautifully curated business; you could tell they were very intentional about everything they did in there. We just genuinely felt appreciated being there. When we were done looking around and shopping, it was time for our appointment. 

     I will only get a little into my time in the tank, but when I was there I did realize that on a spiritual level, you need to be excellent in all areas for your business to do exceedingly well and reach your financial goals. You are providing an experience, especially in a service-based business. Everything has to look like you genuinely care about it because you should. Leading with integrity in business will take you so much further than any promotional ad. There can be no half-stepping and this is something I learned the hard way. I was sluggish about a lot in the 2nd to 3rd year of business. I lost sight of what was important. Why I started my business, and how important is it to my purpose.

     This revelation sparked from my experience at the spa. It made me remember my why. The service was excellent, and the front desk receptionist was super kind and accommodating. Also, the man who owned the float spa built his tanks himself, so that level of dedication to provide a wonderfully unique service to others inspired me so much. That is the level of commitment one has to have when being an entrepreneur.

     Owning your own business is so hard because for it to do well, you have to work on it and yourself. If your relationship with yourself is piss poor it most likely will be reflected in your business. If you like to cut corners and try to take shortcuts you will eventually end up having to work twice as hard. I say this specifically for people who lead a very purposeful business. Not someone selling resellable items or things they didn't have to put a lot of creative energy into. Often, even those businesses only do well for a short time because one is doing it just for the money.

      I talk a lot about this with my creative consulting clients, and this story is always my point of reference whenever they complain about insufficient money. If you don't give your business your all, don't expect it to provide for all your needs and then some. You have to take the risk, be authentic to yourself and your journey, and then keep doing whatever you can to promote yourself as authentically as you can. Stop listening to people and trust your inner guidance. Pull from your personal experiences, the universe perfectly aligns everything so you always have what you need even when you don't know it yet. Even my being able to tell these stories is a testament to that.

     The moral of the story is to do what makes you feel appreciated and loved. Had my mama listened to the person telling her not to come with me, she wouldn't have had our wonderfully aligned experience. I only said a piece of our day, so much more happened precisely as it should have because she listened to herself. Listening to yourself will align you with the best life can offer. I listened to myself about my business and my life has improved drastically. I strive for excellence in my business, which has in turn caused it to grow rapidly.

      Also, remember your why, it will always be why you begin again when you feel lost. It will propel you forward and help you guide you back to yourself. When the path starts to disappear always try to remind yourself at the beginning of the journey. I forgot, and it took me off course, I barely posted on Beam, didn't make any new products, felt extremely lost and broke. But now, as I reflect on all these experiences and lessons, I remember. I know my why, and I will never forget it. Also, the people I serve with my business are kind enough to remind me. They tell me my products help them, my words have healed them, and I have sparked something within them that brings them back to themselves just by me being me. That was why I started Beam the way I did; I always knew who I was: a healer. And that my business, in whatever way I conducted it, would help guide those who use my products back to themselves. All I can do is my absolute best, which keeps me in divine alignment with all that is meant for me. 

     I felt called to share this after meditating. I am getting back in the flow of channeled writing so my apologies if it's a bit sporadic. I hope this helped whoever is reading remember their why. You were born for it, and only you can do it. I love you, and your people love you. 


  • Thank you for sharing this very insightful letter! Please continue to write and share more!

  • felt inclined to stop and read and i didnt even i needed to hear this. thank youu.

  • Adding a few things to my ATL explore list! Thanks for sharing your voice and committing to your vision. It’s so challenging in a world of distractions, but you are doing great! (:

    Danielle Jones
  • This was inspiring. Reading this on April 1st couldn’t be any better. Thank you Dreama for sharing. Looking forward to your next blog post

  • Your words leap off the page. They draw you in hopes of learning more of oneself as we share in symmetry. Just as your products make me feel loved -so good your scribblings. Thank you for sharing. 💖

    Coach A

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