Abundance Prayer

     Say this prayer as many times as you would like. I write it in my journal then say it aloud at my altar when I have fellowship with my ancestors. Whatever is best for you. It will open doors, put more money in your pocket, assist in aligning you with your desires and much more.


God is my supply!

My cup runneth over!

All that is mine by divine right is entering my life.

I surrender to the perfect divine design of my life.

I am completely protected by God and my spirit team.

I am wiser than ever before.

I am in divine alignment.

I receive the magic and miracles of the universe with ease.

Everyday is a wonderful opportunity to show up as my most authentic self.

All my needs are always excellently met with ease.

I love who I am.

I cherish my life.

I express my gifts as I should with ease and I am immensely blessed for it!


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you.


So be it.

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  • Said this prayer this morning and I’m excited to see it catalyze my day🥰

    Mya L

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